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At My Intelligent Machines, we are helping life scientists harness the power of human and artificial intelligence to push the boundaries of drug development.

Seventy percent of phase II and III clinical trials fail because patients with the same disease respond differently to treatments. This costs the biopharma industry more than $20B in losses annually. The cost of human life is even greater.

MIMs is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) company with an augmented-intelligence platform leveraging systems biology, distributed computing, and machine learning to unleash the power of reverse translational research. We are changing the research paradigm for endotype characterization, target and indication prioritization, and target and biomarker discovery, in oncology, immune-related disorders, infectious diseases, and more.

MIMs’ platform integrates our MIMsight Knowledge Base—which combines billions of data points and other information extracted from scientific literature, public databases, and multi-omic and clinical patient data—and our proprietary GI2 algorithm to create vivid human cartographies of individual patients. These knowledge graphs deliver previously unimagined levels of precise insight by inferring functional relationships and genetic interactions within patient tumors and immune systems. This insight has the potential to spark ground-breaking creativity at the discovery, pre-clinical, and clinical stages of drug discovery.

We’ve made it possible for a machine and a human to identify therapeutic solutions neither could find alone. Code-free and designed with life scientists and clinicians in mind, our augmented-intelligence platform is facilitating greater autonomy in research, enabling users to interact directly with their data where previously they had to rely on colleagues and consultants. For bioinformaticians, MIMs automates time-consuming and costly data management and processing activities so people can focus where they add the most value: in the strategic analysis of data.

Our platform offers the highest levels of security and compliance, and our AI core is unparalleled. We don’t generate IP or co-develop therapies either. Working with MIMs, life scientists at biopharma companies large and small are better understanding why patients respond differently to treatments. They are also identifying drug targets and potential new combined therapies with greater precision, finding the right patients for clinical trials, and accelerating companion test development.

And the best part?

We are delivering results enabling our customers to move therapies to the clinic faster. We’re funded, big-pharma validated, and predicting good responders to new therapies at twice the performance of other methodologies available today. Further, our platform is helping life and data scientists do a month’s work in a single day, delivering results at a tenth of the cost of other approaches. Sound too good to be true? It isn’t.

MIMs’ transformational SaaS solutions are made possible by an inclusive team of remarkable and diverse humans – leaders of today and tomorrow in their respective fields. Together, we have brought a machine to life. Our love of science knows no bounds. Our plans are daring. Our future goals are lofty.

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