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We’ve made it possible for a machine and a human to identify therapeutic solutions neither could find alone.

MIMs’ augmented-intelligence software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform leverages systems biology, distributed computing, and machine learning to unleash the power of reverse translational research. We are changing the research paradigm for endotype characterization, target and indication prioritization, and target and biomarker discovery in oncology. Learn more about the product.

How it works

MIMs’ platform integrates our MIMsight Knowledge Base—which combines billions of data points and other information extracted from scientific literature, public databases, and multi-omic and clinical patient data—and our proprietary GI2 algorithm to create vivid human cartographies of individual patients.

These knowledge graphs deliver previously unimagined levels of precise insight by inferring functional relationships and genetic interactions within patient tumors and immune systems. This insight has the potential to spark ground-breaking creativity at the discovery, pre-clinical, and clinical stages of drug discovery by helping scientists better understand drug mechanisms of action or pathogenic processes within each individual patient.

One day and five steps to target and indication prioritization and biomarker discovery

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Selection Focus Genes

Use MIMs Genetic Interaction discovery solution to identify genetic interactors of therapy’s target (focus genes) and identify potential combined therapies.

Patient Cohort Selection

Use MIMs file manager to select patients based on clinical attributes.

Patient Stratification Based on Focus Genes

Use MIMs cohort stratification solution to identify and characterize patient clusters based on Focus Genes expression.

Identification of Indications with High Response Rate

Use MIMs cohort stratification solution to identify patient clusters and indications with high response rate.

Biomarker Discovery

Use MIMs Biomarker discovery to identify expression signature differentiating good from bad responders.

Predict good responders to new therapies with more than 2X higher performance than other available methodologies

Generate results at one tenth of the cost of consulting services

Complete a month’s work in a single day

Quantify future trial success to attract investment

Move therapies to the clinic faster

Work code-free in a platform designed for life scientists
Automate data management and processing
Empower teams with greater autonomy

Operate with industry-leading security and compliance
Wholly own your IP
Focus on high-value strategic activities

Qualify for a 30-day trial and special launch promotions

To celebrate the launch of our product for target and indication prioritization and biomarker discovery in oncology, we are offering free 30-day trials and special promotional pricing. Schedule a demo to qualify.